Our simple business model is perfect for creative and inspired women who want to own their own business, work from home and create a future that is flexible, fun and fulfilling.

  • Party hosts invite their friends.
  • You create the event and the system sends out reminders through our PIP Platform.
  • Guests pay for their sitting fee to join the PIP Parties event.
  • You or your artist help the hosts enjoy a night in with their friends!

From PTO/PTA moms to girl’s night out and from bachelorette parties to book clubs, women all across the country want a memorable night out with their friends. Our corporate clients range from team building to training and from retreats to charitable fundraisers.

We have grown from two friends – our co-founders Erica and Amelia (one of whom is admittedly not at all artistic) – to a team of artists all across the country. We created a franchise system where you don’t have to build out a studio, nor carry a lot of inventory or pay ongoing overhead expenses. Our suppliers ship on demand. We have easy-to-set-up party kits with everything you, your artists and the hostess need to enjoy a successful Pretty in Paint Parties event.

Our pre-opening support starts when you join our team. Once you are ready to launch, you join us for training on everything from how to work with your customers to hosting your first PIP Parties event – we also have the right systems to support you, from managing your customers, payment processing, financial management and record keeping. Each and every area of our business has been tested, streamlined and proven with our 40+ artists all over the country. We believe that you will be happy owning your own PIP Parties business!

Work from home and become part of this beautiful brand, join Pretty in Paint Parties as an owner today.